Moving to Florida? Twelve Things to Know

If you’re thinking about moving to Miami, there are more than a couple of things you need to know about it. It’s a worthwhile (albeit considered expensive) move that still needs a bit of getting used to, especially if you’ve never been to a unique place like Miami and have lived in humbler or quieter areas up north.

At any rate, here are 12 of the most important things you need to know before moving to Miami.

1. Friendly people

People are friendly here in Miami. Maybe it’s because of the influx of different cultures and its high minority counts, but to go here is really to experience a taste of traveling the world because it’s practically a slice of life there with its melting pot of cultures.

As such, expect an uptick of new friends to meet. Also, because you’re living in Miami or one of the top tourist hotspots in America that many a celebrity has built summer homes in, you’ll also get an uptick of friends and relatives visiting you while getting a beachside vacation at the same time.

2. Delicious food

The food scene of Miami is something to behold indeed. You can find some of the most amazing restaurants around the beach since the competition there is steep and every establishment tries its best to find their niche. You can also get to imbibe in many different beverages, from the hottest lattes to the coldest of beers.

Even if you don’t have money to spare, the food available in Miami for those who aren’t part of the one percent can be quite incredible, whether they’re All-American street food like hotdogs or something more exotic from the myriad of cultures inhabiting Miami.

3. More than just beaches

Miami is known for its beaches the same way Acapulco or the Caribbean are. The old show Miami Vice features so many beach-related cases that it might as well be entitled Baywatch Nights. The beaches of Miami are well-known in pop culture, but if you only know Miami for its beaches then you probably don’t live there.

Miami is also a tourist attraction extravaganza because like other cosmopolitan wonders, you’ll never run of things to do there, accommodating every last pay grade. What does this mean for those who actually live in Miami? You’re now a stone’s throw away to having vacation experiences or, alternatively, every day is a vacation experience.


4. Booming art scene

Who says that you need to go to Italy if you’re a big fan of the art scene? The U.S. is also bursting with endless creativity and modern culture with cities like Miami and the so-called Miami Design District. This major tourist attraction has boosted the profile of the city as an artist’s Mecca of sorts.

This district is also home to the Art Basel International Art Fair and General Festival for those who communicate and express themselves through artistry and defining what artistic culture is in the 21st Century. This fair is filled with the big names of contemporary and modern art as well, so do check it out ASAP.

5. Unique weather

The biggest city in the retirement hotbed that’s called Florida, the city of Miami is known throughout the world for its tropical climate. It registers an average low of just 59 degrees (16 Celsius) and an average high of still a comfortable 80 degrees (27 Celsius).

Miami has the warmest winter climate among all major U.S. cities. This makes the city a great residence for people who hate winters as well as retirees who suffer from various joint disorders.

With that said, you need to get used to tropical heat, the possibility of flooding whenever the sea level rises, and the regular occurrences of hurricanes in order to get this piece of the Garden of Eden that the Good Lord has left accessible on this mortal plane.

6. Affordability

Money is often the number one factor that people consider in choosing a place to settle at. For instance, in places like San Francisco and New York, $2000 may be enough to rent a well-situated, but cramped or run-down place. Not in Miami.

If you spare just $1600, you can live right across the American Airlines Arena in a condo with 15-feet- high ceilings. Add $200 and you can get a place in the Midtown area with an outstanding ocean view and floor-to-ceiling windows.

7. No income, inheritance, and estate taxes

If you wish to take home more of your earnings (don’t we all?), Miami is a great place to be at. Florida does not impose taxes on income, estate, and inheritance. If you work in San Francisco and move to Miami, you might be appalled to discover that the difference in taxes between California and Florida can pay a McDonald’s employee for a year.

So if you’re looking for a place where you can stretch the dollars you earn, or a retirement spot where you can maximize the fruits of your decades of labor, Miami’s the answer.

8. Openness to new cultures

Moving to Miami is perfect for those who want a fresh start in life or are simply looking for the next great adventure. Everyone will find it easy to fit in Miami. Unlike other cities, there are no snobs in the city who claim that they’re a true-blue Miamian.

After all, no one’s actually from Miami, and once you’ve been staying in the area long enough to experience even just half of what’s listed in this article, you’re ready to call yourself a real Miamian.

9. Great for retirees

Still talking about retirees, Miami is also home to dozens of Active Adult Communities (AACs) that are quite popular throughout Florida. If you miss your loved ones who still couldn’t move with you to Miami, or simply wish to socialize with those more similar to your age, AACs would welcome you with open doors.

AACs offer outstanding amenities and services such as state-of- the-art fitness centers, hobby rooms, and community-wide events.

10. Walkability

The city of Miami is considered extremely walkable, consistently being in the top 10 of Walk Score’s annual rankings of America’s most walkable cities since the year 2011. In 2015, Miami city proper was awarded as the fifth most walkable city in America.

This means that despite having a population of over 300,000, the city’s roads and neighborhoods are friendly to pedestrians of all ages. So make sure you pack your sneakers before you move to Miami.


11. Plenty of Beaches

A list of reasons why people move to Miami cannot be complete without mentioning its beaches. Miami’s shorelines welcome not just swimmers and sunbathers, but sand castle-builders and even just people-watchers.

The more popular beaches include the Miami Beach, South Beach, Virginia Key Beach, Haulover Beach, and Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina. Less populated beaches include 85th Street Beach, Virginia Key, and Matheson Hammock Park Beach.

12. Tons of entertainment

Boredom is practically unheard of in Miami. If you’re moving from the concrete jungle that is New York, you won’t have to worry because Miami can offer just as much fun – and way more varied, too (not to mention, cheaper). You can jog, run, or bike along Miami’s paved paths and visit more than 800 parks (Miami is the only U.S. city that is surrounded by two national parks: Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park).

The city also has a handful of charming neighborhoods like Coral Gables and the Art Deco District in South Beach. Finally, you can take part in hundreds of exciting events, such as the Art Basel, South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Winter Music Conference, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami, and Carnaval on the Mile.


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